Oh, The Places We Will GO!

Life throws curves our way daily and the choice is yours to respond radically with solutions, or in panic and despair. This happened to me this week with a situation I didn’t anticipate. I had an interview set for 5PM on Monday, the time which my daughter is usually picked up from the bus by a medical aid. No biggie, as we had a pretty reliable medical aid for the past two weeks. This was for a summer position I was excited about because I’d get to teach literacy again.

While we were out the weekend before the interview I got a call from the agency that staffs the aid. Essentially, the aid quit. After two weeks of getting to know Sophia, learning her routine, and gaining my trust she quits. I get it, taking care of Sophia is a lot. She’s semi- mobile meaning she can walk with assistance, and even when you sit her down sometimes she jumps up from her seat to stand. On the ground Sophia rolls, crawls and hops (think Tigger from Winnie the Poo) to get around independently. You have to keep a close eye on her to ensure her safety and support her navigation. Well this was all too much for the aid, as told to me through the agency.

I had a choice to make. I could reschedule or do something radical like bring her along. I emailed the contact for the interview early Monday letting her know my childcare fell through last minute. I enthusiastically added I was eager to still meet with her at 5pm, just as long as I could bring Sophia. She replied back if I’m comfortable then it’s alright with her. It felt like a small victory, then reality of the logistics set in. to get there on time I needed to collect Sophia off the bus by 4:45PM, load my car with her wheelchair, and be in route to the location to make it in there by 5PM.

I get to the building which is on a hill, unload Sophia’s chair, wheel her up the hill windily arriving at 5:03PM. I feel another tiny victory. The interview was the most natural conversation about literacy, setting goals, teaching philosophies, and summer schedules. Sophia sat through the hour-long conversation with minimal interruptions, holding my hand. I am so grateful for my daughter’s calm temperament on this day.  She is used to a schedule, the same thing each day after school. Here I changed her whole schedule, rushed her to this strange place, and engaged with her minimally for an hour and she did not once give me attitude.


I am still not sure if I got the position or not, but what I gained from the experience was golden. For a long-time I would not do things because I didn’t have childcare, or it would interrupt Sophia’s schedule, or it would be a stretch and hustle to get there on time. I am learning to trust all the goodness God has for us, that I will meet people who see me, see my efforts, and respond accordingly. It’s true you must see the potential in yourself first. I made a choice to try something outside of our comfort zone, partially out of desperation, and it worked! I know now I am not as limited as I used to believe I was.

6 thoughts on “Oh, The Places We Will GO!

  1. In life putting God first helps in prioritizing your activities. Thinking about Sophia first before the interview was the right choice and at the end God showed you favor by allowing you to achieve both tasks at the same time. All glory to our Heavenly Father!!
    Matthew 6:33
    Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.


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