Open To New Endings

Recently I had to do an evaluation for Sophia’s equipment. She’s grown a lot in the past year and her wheelchair especially is getting tight. For most of her short distance walking we hold hands and when going on longer walks, like around the park, we use her walker.  Especially for transportation in the morning and afternoon to and from school the wheelchair is her primary mode to travel. This makes her comfort and support in this chair integral to her daily care.

The process to get a wheelchair is not too hard but between building it out custom and getting insurance to clear coverage for the chair it can take up to eight weeks. Yes, a long time to wait while using a wheelchair that is too small and she’s still growing every day. It was not our first time getting a wheelchair, so I was prepared to wait and expecting at least 8-10 weeks for the whole process. I was pleasantly surprised to get a call just a week after the fitting. They let me know the insurance company approved her wheelchair and new car seat. I was expecting a wait, prepared for the wait only to be surprised by a quick turn over.

It’s so easy to get used to waiting, expecting to hear no, or prepare for a long process. I forgot how pleasant it feels to hear a quick yes. I am reminded again that this journey is so unique, even if I have had an experience, it can turn out different the next time around. The key is just being open. Sometimes I find myself getting wrapped up in being ready for what’s coming, preparing for an emergency or the worst outcome and keeping my expectations low.

By always preparing for what could go wrong I close myself off from the good, the joy, and unexpected positive outcomes of a situation. Fostering joy doesn’t have to be as hard as I was making it. I am a realist and with being present and honestly taking in what the current situation has to offer I must be open to positivity and joy.

This spring as I get ready to gear for the change in weather I also turn in and will work to be open. I am open to new experiences, even if I’ve been down the road before.

Sophia on a walk. Photo by Ellen Cappard.
Photo By Ellen Cappard.

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