Fall Declutter

Its November and fall is in full swing. You see all the signs of this season around; the fallen leaves, bare trees, chilled air, and pumpkin everything. Seeing nature clear the leaves daily inspired me to look at my own life. I carry so much from day to day, season to season, with little regard to its necessity or purpose. I was overdue to declutter and clear out my life.

I held on to everything, it was bad. I had one foot of socks Sophia couldn’t fit, kept broken toys, even single earrings. Then I looked at the papers I held onto. Bank statements I never opened, service offers that were expired, or outdated materials like my old apartment lease. The more I de-cluttered the more I realized a pattern. For some reason I didn’t want to let go of the past. Some items held clear memories, like the earring left behind after a birthday celebration with a close friend. I saw half- sprung ideas scribbled on envelopes. Even quotes from a conversation was found on the back of one document. These things were important in the moment but long forgotten afterwards. Most were just associations I needed to clear out and let go.

I realized how holding on to the past was weighing me down mentally. This was a learned trait from living to survive. This was a traumatic response to not knowing where I would have the next of my needs met. Now I believe in abundance and I know all that is for me will not miss me. It was time to put action with my new mindset. Each room got a makeover and a deep clearing out. My home felt so light and spacious once I was done. I felt lighter emotionally knowing the cleaning was done.

 I know now there is beauty in letting go. There is a sense of peace that comes with making space for new things and experiences. I learned to embrace new emotions and allow myself to authentically feel what I am experiencing. The fall is a shedding to make way for the fruits of spring. Letting go does not have to be associated with grief or sadness. It can be a beautiful season of transition, getting ready for new blessings on the horizon. So, I encourage you to use this season as a declutter. Let go and get light for the new season ahead.

6 thoughts on “Fall Declutter

  1. I’m manifesting time to do the same. I’m at peace with that maybe being a gradual process versus one and done. I’m grateful for the peace I’ve made with the current conditions and excited about the new energy that will come as things are transformed. Cheers to fall cleansing🥂

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