Finding Joy: Part 2

Working on the growth and understanding of myself can be an elusive path. I try to reflect and document as much as I can. This has allowed me to be reflective, see my growth, acknowledge where I have shortcomings. I have been growing my joy in big ways but working on ways to grow my joy in the little steps along the journey.

I dove into all the things that made me happy. I wrote, read, painted, shared stories with Sophia, and connected with family, especially my elders. I find my grip on the façade of control loosening and I became more open to being in the flow. When I feel friction I simply remind myself I am not in the flow, and release.

I found joy in walking in nature daily, now hitting an average of 3 miles a day. If you told me in January that I’d be walking three miles each day I would have laughed. Now look at me, walking and loving it. Joy expressed itself back to me as grace given when I fall short. Instead of shame or negative thoughts I think, “how lovely it is to be seen as more than a task?”, and continue on.

Well the little things are essential to getting through every day. I hope you can find joy in your journey in the small mundane motions of each day. Let this joy foster a welcomed feeling of release. Be open to the flow of life and you’ll find joy in your journey.

6 thoughts on “Finding Joy: Part 2

  1. It’s the little things we always overlook that bring us the most joy. Nature is natural holistic healing so walking daily is definitely healing and a nice way to release any bad energy. I’m happy you have found peace within yourself 🤎

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