Giving Flowers

Motherhood means so many things, like the state of being a mother or having the quality and spirit of a mother. It is a sisterhood of women pouring into the souls that will be our future. It can be celebrated with so much more than flowers, brunch, and cards given with love. For me the ultimate gift is setting aside time to share how you feel about the women who personify the spirit of a mother in your life.

A few years ago, I had started to celebrate the holiday by delivering gifts especially flowers to the women I loved and cared for in my life. There was never enough time, I’d sit with each woman for a little while and move on. It required a lot of driving, which I didn’t mind because I like driving and thinking. The best feeling was the smiles and hugs full of love that each woman shared with me during this brief visit. It honestly was a priceless gift for me.

This year in the middle of a pandemic where we are quarantined I worried how I’d handle this day, being that the giving and connecting was such a key part of my newfound Mother’s Day tradition. I thought instead to write letters, send postcards and call to make meaningful connections with these women. As life would have it, the week leading up to Mother’s Day was riddled with roadblocks to completing the proposed task on time. I felt frustrated, sad, and disappointed that I couldn’t complete my goal.

As I am learning to be open and let things flow, I decided to push forward with my letters and postcards despite the setback. I pushed myself to let go of the notion that if not done by a certain time a message would lose its meaning. Motherhood is celebrated on this day, but the maternal qualities of being a mother are expressed and celebrated more than one day. I decided to hold a special meditation dedicated to the mother figures in my life near or far. As I meditated and opened my mind to the notion of sending love to women who poured into my soul I realized just how many more women I was able to give love and acknowledgement to. Way more than I could ever write, call up, or give flowers to in a day.

Thank you to all the women who share their experiences with being a mother. You don’t know how sharing the truth of your experience in itself is enough. Mothers are in it figuring this journey out as we go along. I pray I’m doing more to help than harm.  I appreciate my friends who shared their mothers with me. I am thankful for aunties, cousins, and big sisters that stepped into the role and fed my soul. I especially value the women who pour into my own child and support me in her growth and development. Happy Mother’s Day!


5 thoughts on “Giving Flowers

  1. You are such an amazing mother. You’ve encouraged me daily without even knowing it. My niece is blessed to have you as a mother. My boys are so lucky to have you as their Aunty. Keep doing what you do best LL. Love you 😍 I like

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  2. This was a great read! I felt like I was actually listening to you talk because the sentiments of the blog directly reflect your spirit. You are truly a gifted writer. Yet, also so thoughtful. Reading this made me reflect on how I should be doing more for others especially when I’m hung up on myself. So glad to be able to read this. Love you Sis

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