Purposeful Pause

Hello! It’s been a busy end of summer. I moved, started a new job, and began the back to school hustle with Sophia. Momma is tired. I did my best to get us off to a great start and work out the kinks.  I was very conscious of my limits and listened to my body and my mind telling me to pause. Change can be a lot to process. I can also say I am grateful for this time of change.

I had to take a moment and pause on all things moving. I had a lot of moving parts at once. For me, being intentional with what you do can drive how you do it, saving time and grief from unnecessary mis-matched connection of resources and energy given. So as things were in transition I slowed down.

I became more reflective, and it honestly took a while just to be present. You can imagine the long to do list that comes with back to school time. I wasn’t neglecting responsibility, just not pushing everything at once. When I was ready and got around to things I realized I am in a better space to be present. Take back to school shopping for example. Instead of making it a hustle to get the Labor Day sales I waited for a quiet weekend where the stores would be less full. Sophia even got to pick her own accessories and was delighted with her new clothes. The short wait in the line didn’t bother me, we danced around in stores while shopping. I learned Sophia loves to shop when engaged as part of the process. I’m asking her which pieces she wants, and the kid has good taste.

I haven’t been as creative since moving, although I have plans to revive and drive myself to create more consistently. I want to connect in a meaningful way with my art. I think for a minute I was on a roll with vending and doing hand lettering workshops. I want to get back on track with that. Hopefully managing a few more events this fall before the holiday season.

Also, I took time to survey my accomplishment of moving forward in life in a positive way. I am making time to connect back with friends and family. Enjoying this time to change with a purpose and add creatively to our lives. Good days are ahead, and I am ready to receive in abundance what’s in store for me.

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