Bold Step Forward

I’m stepping out here believing in MYSELF! A bold sentence, a big step forward for me. I knew with starting over I did not want to live a life of restrictions or in the shadows of what happened in the past. Yes, I’m starting over but I come with a lot of valuable gems for this portion of my journey. I am able to stand on my two feet, I can find the joy in the chaos, I learned to let go even when things seem so dear and close. All of the lessons learned were not easy to swallow, but I got through each by loving myself and being authentic.

I feel I am elevating to the next level of this journey. Using all of what I learned to share out. First saying things out loud to myself, next boldly sharing out with the world. This blog has been a great introduction to this. I will continue to connect with my followers and readers who take the time to read, comment, and encourage my work. Thank YOU!! I also want to share a lot of the deep healing work I’ve been doing as a journal. Journaling is what gets me through every day, I start each day with words and it centers my focus. I’d be lost without it. I create art as well, but not as frequently or consistently as I write. Writing is part of my healing, my growth, and my love practice to myself.

It took a while for me to be ready to share, but here I am. I am a writer. I am stating it firmly aloud on this platform. I am believing in myself and the gift of words to create. I believe in my ability to impact others with my gift. I am excited to fully share my first project will be a healing journal full of prompts, art, and open space for your own creative process. I’ll be writing all sorts of things for sure, but this piece will be the first.

Also, if you’re in the NJ area I’d love to see you at the workshop event hosted by myself (MIXED COLORS UNITED) and Miss Bossy in the City of Orange, NJ. We will be at :

Valley Arts
400 Jefferson Street
City of Orange, NJ 07050
Event Time: 4-7PM

5 thoughts on “Bold Step Forward

  1. You most CERTAINLY are a writer! And a beautiful spirit! I’m so glad to be a part of your audience as you share your journey, and your gems, with us on this platform. Can’t wait to see what more is to come!

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  2. Love this post! It’s very relatable and an inspiration when people are on the same path as you. Knowing you personally I’m aware of the trials and tribulations so it is very remarkable of your decision to TAKE CONTROL. One of the strongest people I know. Your consistency is admired too with the journal. I’m learning how much my words affect my life and also striving to create better outlooks and energy towards life

    Great post!

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    1. So great to hear that journaling is woking for you!! It’s the best feeling when you can see the change. Love you and thanks for your support.


  3. And your writing continues to inspire me. So I am late to this party but EXCITED to get the journal! It’s going to be dope. Thank you for living fearlessly by choosing to move forward in peace and knowing and love and light. Thank you for honing in on your gifts so that you may share them with the world ( because we need them). Thanks for creating this space. Thanks for choosing creativity. Love you Sis

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