Keep On Moving

After the storm is a sunny day. All you need is one. When life feels a little gloomy, rest. Take your life off for a while. Easy to say it in hindsight but I am acknowledging that I do need a break every now and then. Do something away from the traditional to do list.  What I found helpful was one little change out of my norm gave me a jolt of new energy. I looked at my daily routines and added back some things that always were good for me. I also took some time to rest, boy does it make a world of difference. I remember to be gentile with myself as I figure single motherhood out, and to just keep on moving.

The hardest step is the first towards what you want. I want to complete my master’s degree. I want to purchase a new home. I want to create and give and pour myself into my work. I want to connect with my friends in a meaningful way. I want to take Sophia on a fabulous trip for her tenth birthday. I can want all of these things, but I realize they will happen in due time. Not all at once. I realize that each is a special part of my life, I want to give to each part authentically and in order for that to happen I have to be open. I am growing, and each step is a step forward.

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