Bloom Where You Are

Adulthood gets in the way of all the things I love to do at times. If I could, I would start every day with a flawless and powerful yoga practice followed by and hour of peaceful mediation. I want to spend every Sunday brunching with friends, taking long walks Saturday morning, writing every night before heading to bed. I’d be in heaven if I could paint and draw for five hours non-stop. Spending the day lost in the words of my favorite author while sipping the best brew of tea would be heaven. I would love to go shopping for furniture and complete creative HGTV style DIY projects. Of course, I can’t forget dinner with friends at the most fabulous establishments. Not only does my budget not work for this schedule, adult responsibility takes center stage.

But every now and then I get to squeeze in and do the things I love. Especially meeting up with friends. I always get nervous when we meet thinking, “ What if they forget our bond? What if I’m not close to their heart anymore? Will I be forgiven for not texting back?” It puts a nervous emotional toll on me for the few minutes before the actual meet up.

Like magic, every time I meet with friends we connect, we laugh, we share, and I leave a better person with another rich experience to add to my journey. Having artist friends is amazing! We really hold each other’s dreams in our hearts. I’m reminded by everyone of the dinners, brunches, and loooong phone conversations just how important it is to give to the relationships outside of my work, family, and adult responsibilities. How motivated they leave me. I feel so blessed to have shared my dreams with friends who truly see the best in me.

I met up with one of my dearest friends to celebrate her birthday belated. We’ve known each other since high school and we have seen each other cultivate and grow through life since then. I gifted her a painting for her newborn daughter and she gifted me my new favorite accessory, a unicorn headband. I know we don’t speak often but knowing she is here thriving living her best life through her craft. She’s also working hard as a mother and wife, which spark pure joy in my heart. Knowing that she believes in me as an artist and is excited for all that I’m doing means everything.

Blooming where you are is what I am doing. I am watering the garden I am given. I have a lot of work to do, but consistently pushing towards the goals and dreams while doing the work of adulthood is a possibility. I can’t lose sight of all that I love. I thank those who remind me of my progress and make sure I am well on my way.

4 thoughts on “Bloom Where You Are

  1. Great blog! I like the conclusion at the end which gave your story purpose. I would love to hear more on your growth and current attitude of where you are blooming right now! I’ll be waiting on the next share ❤️

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  2. I understand the feeling of getting nervous when seeing friends you haven’t seen in a little while. When the time shared is closing it is soooo invigorating. As I age and mature I really develop a stronger appreciation for and value of my friendships. Tey are gifts. People who genuinely want you in their lives for your company. And this was a good read. I felt peaceful as I read it. And now my gen for tomorrow is take care of where I am. Thank you.

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