Your VIBE Attracts Your TRIBE

They say your vibe attracts your tribe. I must have some fortunate vibes. The men and women who inspire me along my journey, oh they keep my heart full! They fill me up and give me so many reasons to write about gratitude. I can write thousands of words of gratitude for family and friends. But the people I want to love on today are the strangers I pray to meet, and when I do I know the prayers have been answered.

My daughter and I have numerous dashes to the ER. Having a seizure child with a tricky medical case make you a regular in a place most hate. I used to have a lot of anxiety about that. Who will be working on my baby? Will they be as attentive as the last team? I had to walk in on blind faith that all the workers were dedicated, alert and at the top of their game to support my child. I had no control over this and it drove me crazy.

Then I began to pray. I prayed for our people. The people who were in alignment with God’s will for my daughter. The people who would help bring peace and love to a hectic situation. People who would do no harm to my child and be alert to her medical needs. I prayed for a tribe. With every visit, no matter how hard, I prayed. The right people showed up time and time again. It seemed magical at times. The nurses who knew when to encourage me, the doctors who allowed me to stay close by when I was supposed to be in a waiting area. The most magical staff was the ones we got to see again after some time. They’d say, “I remember when she was so little! Look how big she is.” They were thinking about my daughter, they remembered her. It filled me with hope.

One winter evening after we left the hospital for a seizure, a nurse who worked on my daughter before was walking in front of me into the grocery store. It was such a shock to see her out of the hospital element, not running lines or getting blood samples, just being human. I didn’t know if she wanted to be approached, I could see her tired shoulders hunched over and her head slightly bowed. She was still wearing her scrubs under her thick wooly coat. I imagined she just left work, probably a 12-hour shift, was on her way to grab some food for her journey home. Do I approach or fall away? Luckily she looked up and saw me. She immediately flashed a smile at me and we chatted shortly. I got to thank her for helping, chatted about groceries and went on with my night. Its in those moments my heart feels so full.

We made it all the way to year eight with this tribe of believers, magical souls who had no idea the faith they were building in me. I am always grateful and try to show this gratitude to medical workers every chance I get. I prayed for our people. They showed up in abundance. Thank you all for being a part of my tribe.



6 thoughts on “Your VIBE Attracts Your TRIBE

  1. What a beautiful post! A very honest perspective on parenting especially with a special needs child. As parents we pray that the people around our children care as much about our kids as we cherish them ourselves. It’s an act of faith each and every time we put our children’s well-being in the hands of others. God bless you and your little one.


  2. As I read this it reminds me the impact we have even in our mundane routines. To their own regards these people you reference may be just doing another day on the job but to you it’s a significant assurance of peace for your families experience. We always have impact and that’s powerful wether we’re intentional or not. Thank you for this post!

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    1. I appreciate your insight. Yes, mindful living and supporting all living souls on their journey is key. Just doing my part.


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